For Sale in the Forest Dale neighborhood

Just imagine the work it took in 1912 to make each of the concrete blocks for this 4 bedroom 1 bath home with its splendid front porch. You can watch a short video demonstration of the machine they used here.

Architectural diversity in 84103

Two of Salt Lake City’s oldest residential historic districts are Marmalade and the Avenues.

Want to know how much it will cost for that remodeling project?

Estimating costs on remodeling projects in a home is a daunting task.

Reality versus perception

It’s a proven formula for real estate success: Combine a thriving tech scene and downtown development with enviable access to nature, and residential property will boom. 

Why 2019 Promises to Be Better for Buyers

After inventory and affordability challenges in 2018, prospective home buyers may have better chances of scoring a property this year.

What’s so great about The Great Salt Lake?

The Great Salt Lake ecosystem is a complex and unique saline ecosystem that is locally, regionally, hemispherically, and globally important. Check out the link below for a short video that explains how the GSL came to be.