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For Sale in the Forest Dale neighborhood

Just imagine the work it took in 1912 to make each of the concrete blocks for this 4 bedroom 1 bath home with its splendid front porch. You can watch a short video demonstration of the machine they used here.

Fall Newsletter 2019

The connection between limekilns and our historic homes

Three limekilns were built in Limekiln Gulch, near the foothills above The Avenues in Salt Lake City, in the late 1850s.

Spring Newsletter 2019

Homeownership And Your Financial Future, Sustainable Home Improvements, Pledge To Be Pesticide Free and more …

Dreams of homeownership are seriously threatened

 In 2013, the monthly mortgage payment for the median-priced home in Utah came in at $1,167. By 2018, that monthly payment had climbed dramatically — up 56 percent to $1,821. Comparatively, household income increased by just 20 percent during that same period.