Buy Local, Be Creative


We are always delighted to hear when Salt Lake City is ranked by outside sources as top in areas such as business, quality of life and now as Top Creative City  (mid-size)  in the U.S. (according to the Movoto real-estate blog).

There are a variety of these “most artistic city” or “most creative city” designations out there. While some are vote-based (meaning  the city that cares the most to get their peeps to vote wins). This time our city was ranked by numbers of local business and schools. Yet another reason to shift your spending in support of locally owned merchants and our local economy. This holiday season is a great time to start your creative gift giving.

Below are the types of  businesses and examples of  some of the many we have winning numbers of here in Salt Lake City.

-Art stores and galleries in the area (Reuel’sPhillips GalleryPetersen Art Center)

-Music stores and instructors (London School of GuitarAcoustic Music, Intermountain Guitar & Banjo)

-Bookstores nearby (Kings English Bookshop, Weller Book Works, Central Book Exchange, Ken Sanders Rare Books)

-Proximity to colleges and universities (Neumont University, Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College)

-Number of nearby theaters (Broadway Cinema & Tower Theater, Brewvies, Utah Film Center)

Buy Local, Live Urban



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