Have you considered an Estate Sale?

We take the best care of you and yours when selling a property for a loved one who has passed or just needs to downsize, but what if you need help with the disposal of all the sh..stuff? We can direct you to Estate Sale companies who specialize in assisting with the liquidation of personal property in a home, farm, ranch or condo. Family and friends often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing a sale and just don’t have enough time to do what is required for the best result. A team of professionals appraise, price all personal property and organize every aspect of the sale, including advertising and promotion.

There really is no item too big or small for them to handle- from spices in the cupboard to a tractor in the barn. These professionals have been in the business for decades with years of experience anywhere in the state of Utah and often a consultation is FREE. They will come to you and discuss the best plan. Usually  they conduct a three day sale, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. After you have selected the items you wish to keep, they enter the home, set up and stage the personal property for a sale. They price the items with the highest price attainable and then conduct the sale. The items remaining are inventoried and can be donated to a charity of your choice. Companies work off a percentage basis depending on the size of the sale. The premises is left empty and clean, sounds pretty magical.