It’s a great market for selling your home

Twelve years is a good start in our long range career in Real Estate, and long enough to have witnessed the market shift from good, to bad and back again. Many of the homeowners who purchased a home between 2006-2009 found it impossible to re-sell for that same price, values fell anywhere from 20%-40% with the market crash. Well, we’re back and the time to sell has never been better, some neighborhoods like Rose Park are seeing sales prices well above even the best years.

Unlike the irresponsible lending practices that led to the market crash previously, this time around the market’s driving factors seem have their sites set on Utah’s bright future. According to Utah’s Governor “Utah’s economy is thriving in part because of our laser-like focus on the economy. Our commitment to economic development has now given us the opportunity to invest in our future prosperity”.

So now is the time to make your move and we’re available with the resources you will need to make it happen. From staging your home in order to get the best price, to providing contacts for contractors who can complete the necessary projects big or small that will make your house shine. Call anytime, we’re already working to make your sell a success.