Spring Hello

Change is inevitable, it’s our response to it that really matters. Oh boy how things can change-a pandemic and an earthquake for starters.

We had begun work on our spring newsletter when all hell broke loose. Our hands were still shaking from the many earthquake aftershocks as we quickly shifted gears and generated a much abbreviated postcard. Luckily the cheerful little seed packets that we ordered arrived weeks earlier and were able to be included.

We’re always busy peeking at what is coming over the horizon, which seems to be changing daily. There are a few positives we are focusing on right now. The state of Utah has determined real estate to be an essential service, we are thankful to be able to work.

Mortgage interest rates remain low (3.3% on April 9, 2020) and are helping to give buyers increased buying power. For the past several years the number of buyers has been greater than the available homes for sale, a possible reduction in buyers might be okay. The fact is many buyers found the home buying process to be very competitive previously and may now experience a more level playing field.

We are working with best practices in place to support well being.We promise to keep showing up for you, feel free to contact us anytime.