The highest compliment of all, a happy homeowner

Thanks Shaun. I know we talked last night about being lucky because the timing on the sale, purchase, and closing of both homes went so smoothly.
However, I believe the real reason it came off without a hitch was the behind the scenes hours you spent researching listings, making appointments for viewings, and then ultimately the intricate—time consuming calls and conferences you made to ensure that the “T’s” were crossed and the “I’s” were dotted, in order that all parties involved were on schedule for the closings to align. I am so appreciative. I hope the real estate market continues an upward climb and that you have an enjoyable summer.

P.A.~ March 2015

It might seem impossible to orchestrate all the details for a smooth process when selling and making a new purchase, we’re here to tell you it is possible. Working with such great people is really a blessing in our business and we have had the pleasure of working with the best.