Timing Is Everything

Simultaneously selling your home and buying your next home can be tricky.

Do you sell first and risk feeling rushed to find your new home? Can you buy your just right new home first, before selling your current home? When it all works out it is like a well choreographed dance. And we have successfully helped many clients buy and sell at the same time, it’s pretty magical.

Many homeowners bought smart and have substantial equity in their home. If you’re lucky enough to have a good job and a great credit score you might have the luxury of making your home purchase first and sell after moving. This scenario relieves a tremendous amount of stress and gives you time to move at your own pace, maybe even put a fresh coat of paint on your new place.

Bridge loans are temporary loans and make all this possible. Bridge loans are secured by your existing home and the equity you have, they can bridge the gap when financing a new home. You’re effectively borrowing your down payment on the new home from your current home.

When competition is fierce on that dream home it can really make the difference to not have to sell your home first in order to buy, no need for a special contingency. We’ve recently worked with several clients that have had the good fortune of making this work for them, thanks to us helping them buy smart years ago. Contact us now to find out how to make your next move work best for you.

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