Town & Gown- the connection between our cities and their colleges

The close connection between real estate and colleges/universities is undeniable in Utah. While universities don’t typically add to the cities’ financial ledgers through property taxes, they have always contributed to the local economy and real estate market by creating jobs, training people, and bringing in new residents. We’ve participated in many real estate transactions that involve clients who bought homes/condos for their college students, investors who bought properties to rent out near the university, and many individuals who work inside the thriving campuses.  The University of Utah is a nationally ranked hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators.  Students become founders, creators and change-makers in the state, they reinvest in the geographies where they’ve found success, and in turn raise the tide that lifts us all.

We work diligently to find you a smart investment, whether you’re transitioning from renter-to-homeowner or a new faculty member in town. You can reach us anytime via text, email or phone.