We’re Moving!

Our office at Urban Utah Homes & Estates is moving (across the street) into The Gateway, and we’re pretty excited.

While we’ve had fun hosting clients and friends, throwing parties and holiday gatherings in the sprawling 6,000+ sq ft space in the historic Dakota Lofts building, we just don’t need such a big office. We Realtors are a busy bunch, on the go with not a lot of time to sit behind a desk.

Our new space is in the heart of The Gateway, up the escalator and just above The Store, a locally owned Gourmet Specialty Market. We’ll invite you to our Grand Opening on March 12, 2020 and you can come explore around-there’s much to do, see and eat.

As always you can reach us anytime via phone, text or email

Urban Utah Homes & Estates 102 South Rio Grande Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 801-595-8824