Oh the places you will go… on your bike

The Bicycle Advisory Committee comprises of  13 members and I’m one of them.

We are a reflection of various geographic, professional, cultural, economic, gender, and neighborhood/communities. We have a cross-section of bicycling interests: commuting, road/racing, recreation, fitness, mountain biking, cyclocross, bike culture, low income advocacy groups, bicycle retail and industry, bike messengers, commercial bicycle tours or rentals, non-profit education or advocacy, health, school district, economic development, sustainability, families, children, seniors, special needs, and institutions of higher learning.

We members  live, work, and/or attend school within Salt Lake City and have an interest in promoting the use of the bicycle for transportation, health, fitness and recreation. We are working together with the Transportation Division and Salt Lake City staff toward becoming a Great American Bicycling City and a nationally recognized Diamond-level Bicycle Friendly Community. Having the opportunity to provide input on policy, management, master plans, operations & maintenance, design standards, sustainability initiatives, development plans, rules, regulations, and ordinances related to bicycling is something I find very inspiring.