The message is blowing in the wind, and shining on us daily.

My father came with me on a field trip to see the wind turbines at the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon. The event was offered by Rocky Mountain Power, they took us in a bus and even feed us lunch. It was a hoot and my dad really liked it. We ended the tour at The Hogle Zoo to see the solar power systems they have installed there. There are many examples of solar and wind energy being used commercially and in personal residences here in Utah. The photo above includes a client/friend of ours beautiful home, complete with solar and a HVAC system to envy.

There are home tours each year that feature the use of solar technology, we’d love to share information with you on this and other innovative happenings. Like us on Facebook for updates weekly.

In 2013, we personally supported 9600 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy from western region wind facilities by purchasing 8 blocks per month. Our participation also helps fund the development of smaller-scale renewable energy projects in the state.

We calculated the environmental benefits of our support, here’s what our savings is equivalent to-
1 car off the road (this plus the fact Shaun commutes 90% of the time = making a difference)
141 trees planted
12,906 miles not driven
11,986 pounds CO2 offset

At a cost of $15.60 extra per month, it’s worth every penny.

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