Biking around town – Salt Lake City Bike Map and “GREENbike” Bike Share

Are you wondering what the best routes are to navigate around the city? Did you know you can “share” a bike for as little as $5 in and around the downtown area? The Salt Lake City Bikeways Map helps connect locals and visitors with the City’s urban environment and provides a valuable resource to experience the city while making more sustainable choices. And the Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations, where members can take ANY bike, from ANY station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee. A 24-hour Access Pass, 7-day or Annual Membership lets you take UNLIMITED 30min trips at no extra charge!

The map shows bike routes, public transit, trailheads, sites of interest, farmers markets, local parks, open space, community gardens and many other places that highlight the local flavors that make Salt Lake City an internationally-recognized green city.

Pick up your map at any local bike shop or download it here Salt Lake City Bikeways Map – PDF (3.6 MB)

Get all the details on GREENbike, Salt Lake’s bike share program  here