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Most residents are unaware of the process by which land use and zoning changes occur within Salt Lake City.

Migration patterns of the young adult species heretofore referred to as “Millennials”

Salt Lake City one of the top cities in the nation for attracting the young adult population that is coming of homeownership age (20-34 year olds).

Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

When you picture a housing development no matter where it’s located, you might imagine golf courses, swimming pools and rows of identical houses.

Chicken Week is spreading it’s wings !

Don’t miss the week long celebration and fundraising events for Wasatch Community Gardens, June 17th through the 22nd.

Moving, cookies and all

“Thanks for the treats and the cool cookie jar, they presented a much needed boost this weekend!” M & S 2013

Biking around town – Salt Lake City Bike Map and “GREENbike” Bike Share

Are you wondering what the best routes are to navigate around the city? Did you know you can “share” a bike for as little as $5 in and around the downtown area?