Be involved. Be in the know. Be part of your community.

Most residents are unaware of the process by which land use and zoning changes occur within Salt Lake City.

Growing a home,a garden,a family,a love of biking and chickens in our community.

The Wasatch Community Gardens’ Urban Garden and Farm Tour allows you one of those rare voyeuristic opportunities to snoop in your neighbor’s backyard.

1920’s Cottage in South Salt Lake

Cute and affordable cottage conveniently located near freeways, shopping & public transportation.

9th & 9th Street Festival

This year we celebrate our 20th year living in the first home we bought.

Highland Park

Highland Park, developed between 1910 and 1926 by Kimball & Richards Land Merchants, with development continuing through the 1940s, is an important historical subdivision in Salt Lake City, Utah and is significant under National Register.