Growing a home,a garden,a family,a love of biking and chickens in our community.

The Wasatch Community Gardens’ Urban Garden and Farm Tour allows you one of those rare voyeuristic opportunities to snoop in your neighbor’s backyard. Our 2014 tour certainly out-did itself this year. We were privileged to be one of the featured stops on the tour and show off some of what has grown around us over the 22 years we’ve lived in our home- chickens, bugs, dogs, cats, kids, vegetables, berries, flowers, herbs, trees, friendships and much more.

We have a well-shaded lot, so we take advantage of the few sunny places in our yard to grow vegetables. Several tomato plants are interspersed with a perennial flowerbed in the front yard, and a box bed in the back yard captures a small window of sunlight. We cook wonderful meals with locally produced ingredients, and  preserve extras. A couple of the many hidden gems in the back yard are the recently remodeled garage/bike shed using cedar reclaimed from an old fence, and a display of naturally dyed silks using plant material foraged from our neighborhood.

PS – If you want to learn how to use plants to dye fibers, join us for our Dyeing with Plants workshop August 9th at The Grateful Tomato Garden.