One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, the name is officially two words (Sugar House) although it is often written as one (Sugarhouse). Sugar House is also the site of Westminster College. Sugar House was established in 1853. Its name derives from the sugar beet test factory that surprisingly never opened for production.

Sugar House is located within the Salt Lake City grid system roughly from about 500 East at its western edge to 2100 East at the east and 1300 South to 2700 South north to south, and is mostly to the boundaries of Salt Lake City. Many local businesses as well as private residences, although not strictly located within the bounds of Sugar House, use the name because of the area’s name recognition. The business and commercial center of the neighborhood is located at 1100 East 2100 South which is also the northern end terminus of Highland Drive (1100 East). Sugarhouse Park is located at 1300 East and 2100 South.

The area is now served by the S Line, a multi-use transportation corridor connecting South Salt Lake City and the Sugar House business district of Salt Lake City. It contains facilities including a UTA streetcar, Parley’s Trail, and two-mile long park space. The way the Sugarhouse is growing we’re going to need more creative solutions for moving people safely to and from the many businesses, parks, recreation opportunities and schools.