Utah home sales on the rise

Tips for Buying and Selling

For sellers:

Clean it up and de-clutter – A clean and tidy home makes all the difference. Get rid of the junk — get a storage shed if you need to.

Make small improvements – Small, inexpensive things can make a big difference. Things like paint and caulk are fairly inexpensive but can have a big impact.

Be willing to make concessions – The feds have cut down on what sellers can do for buyers in recent years. But sellers still can offer a home warranty or pay some or all of the buyer’s closing costs.

For buyers:

Make an offer quickly – If you find a home at a good price and in good condition, you need to make an offer quickly.

Sell the home you are in – Offers contingent on the sale of your own home likely will be thrown out in this type of market.

Get pre-approved – Don’t even think about making an offer without financing. Sellers aren’t interested.

Welcome to the Wasatch Front’s housing recovery of 2012.

With 30-year mortgage rates below 4 percent and signs that prices have stabilized, buyers are back. And with them comes something the residential market here hasn’t seen in awhile — multiple offers, many above asking price.

If a good home comes on the market at a good price, everyone is all over it, right away. We’ve had as many as 7 competing offers while working with our clients recently.

Although many homeowners are relieved to see some positive signs after nearly five years of falling home sales and prices, the ever evolving market can be difficult to keep up with.

Contact us to help guide you through the process, it’s what we work at everyday to be our best.