Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City is usually defined as the area approximately between North Temple and 900 South Streets north to south and about 500 East and 600 West from east to west.  The early mormon pioneers, who originally settled in Salt Lake City, adopted a philosophy whereby crops grown and products produced were divided among members of the LDS church.This enabled new settlers to have the food and products they needed after they made the rigorous journey to Salt Lake City.

The Mormon pioneers lived a very secluded existence in the remote Salt Lake Valley for the first 20 years of settlement. However, in 1865 U.S. troops stationed in Park City discovered silver and announced it to the world.

With this announcement, an entirely new element began streaming into Salt Lake City. Prospectors completely changed the downtown district. In accommodation of the new crowd, many of the Main Street businesses were saloons earning the street the nickname “Whiskey Street”. Hard to believe, there was even a “red light district” (gasp!).

Today the downtown area is home to a killer farmer’s market, world class theater, live music, gallery strolls that feature local artists, conventions, farm to table restaurants and endless shopping. Our office is in the heart of the Loft District, you can visit us there and call ahead to make sure we’re there (busy, busy).