Winter newsletter – Interesting information about what’s lurking behind those walls, investors pulling back, and living in a just the right sized home


Summer Newsletter ~ Go natural, Selling you home, Neighborhood Street Festival and more

Growing a home,a garden,a family,a love of biking and chickens in our community.

The Wasatch Community Gardens’ Urban Garden and Farm Tour allows you one of those rare voyeuristic opportunities to snoop in your neighbor’s backyard.

Oh the places you will go… on your bike

The Bicycle Advisory Committee comprises of  13 members and I’m one of them.

Biking around town – Salt Lake City Bike Map and “GREENbike” Bike Share

Are you wondering what the best routes are to navigate around the city? Did you know you can “share” a bike for as little as $5 in and around the downtown area?

Salt Lake City’s Transportation Division Adds A New Bicycle Website

Salt Lake City is committed to providing urban mobility through a diversity of transportation choices – including walking, bicycling, transit, and driving.